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*+Crie Style Group+*

*+Crie Style+* is an abbreviation of the meaning of "Crietive roots for information & entertainment" named as the atmosphere of the enjoying life.

Luxury Eyewear
*+Crie Style+* Luxury Eyewear, is providing you an attractive make-up more
effect for lovely your a formal style.

*+Crie Style+* most of the structure of our product is made ​​by Regular Prims.
We are challenging fascination and possibilities by Regular Prims.

Of course, we believe that our Eyewears support your casual style more enhanced attractive appearance for you.

We also give you the Monocle Series. Monocle was pretty popular type in Europe high society in the middle of the 19th-century.

We'll keep trying to give you the Eyewears which you can use in various kinds of aspects.

Thank you.

◆ Bar Selini de Crie
The name of this shop Crie has the meaning of 'the way to enjoy'.

Here is the Cafe & Bar to enjoy listning to music and being relaxed in this space with "Inside of the barrel of the whisky" concept.

Please be relaxed and spend the time difference in a relaxed frame of mind!
Thank you♪

Hi Everyone :)
I'm Grazioso Alekseev.
I'm a worldview of Crie Style, Prim Work and a total designer.
Welcome to our worldview!
We wish that you're able to enjoy yourself in Crie Style.

Hi :)
I'm Bridge Aya.
I'm Owner of *+Crie Style+*
I'm also a staff in Eyewear as a painter(posters, textures) ,a script programmer and as a model. I'm a staff in Selini de Crie Cafe and Bar also.

I'm SingleMalt Oldrich is the sub account avatar of Grazioso.
I'm a model of *+Crie Style+*.
I was born for shooting item posters.
I'm not
jack of all trades as use feminine speech, I'm me Grazioso even though appearance is SingleMalt xD


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