Thursday, September 24, 2009---3:26 AM

::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll)

Today's second new released model is ::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll).
It is also for Halloween :)

The name HEXENTANZ is a music word in German.
It means Witches' Dance.
And the name doll...Yes! wind-up doll type costume!
See the spine, there's an wind-up key :)
::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll)

This pumpkin image is not a usual pumkin like pop or orange orange,
but it is a little bit adult and chic.
So the skirt is lace :)
The skirt front part is shorter than back and side to be able to fit any type of shoes.
With pumps, boots, sandals....anything you want :)
::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll)

It contains sickles(on mouth) with pumpkin, of course.
This is not an weapon. Just an accessory :)

And it also contains wind-up key(on spine), because it is a doll model!
Those are antique style :)
::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll)

*::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll) upper
*::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll) bottoms
*::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll) glove w/painted nails
*::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll) glove w/out painted nails
*::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll) socks
*::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll) skirt (on pelvis)
*::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll) sickle (on mouth)
*::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll) wind-up key (on spine)

Party time!!!


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