Sunday, January 17, 2010---10:08 PM

New Release from ::RC:: part.1

Casual sweater and pants named GROG's released from ::le Reve du Crie Fashion::.
The tops and bottoms are sold separately and there are 6 color variations each.
The name GROG is from the hot cocktail with rum, lime or lemon juice, sugar and hot water, it's nice drink in cold season♪

Tops contains two types of the length sweater (shirt type and jacket type) and scarf.
Bottoms conts two types of the length pants (short and long with hems).
The pants are low-waist type.
It's fun to wear tops and bottoms the different colors in combination, too.
The optional hat is released also.
So depending on the combination, it can be pretty casual or not too casual like sexy and elegant.

Please check the new item and enjoy :))


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