Sunday, March 14, 2010---8:03 AM

Clothing Fair 2010!!

Clothing Fair 2010
Clothing Fiar 2010 is started!!
From March 13th, 3pm slt to 21st.
We participate in London SIM :))
There are 9 SIMs to look!!
And there are shows :)

Sat 13
Kim Seifert 6 PM SLT

Sun 14
Fashion show - NYC 2 PM SLT

Mon 15
Hazeran Dance Show 5AM SLT
Fashion show - New Delhi 8 AM SLT
Nonge Shipman 4PM SLT
Katydid Something 5PM SLT

Tues 16
Harmonie Weitman 4AM SLT
Fashion show - Rio 5PM SLT

Wed 17
Fashion show - London 11:30AM SLT
Labgraal 1PM SLT

Thurs 18
Fashion show - Milan 12PM SLT

Fri 19
CraigLyons Writer 5PM SLT
Fashion show - Melbourne 6PM SLT

Sat 20
Fashion show - Tokyo 6PM SLT
Favorite Sunday 10 PM SLT

Sun 21
Fashion show - Paris 12PM SLT
Damian Carbenell 4PM SLT

There are a lot to see! lol
Enjoy!!! Party on!!

*+Crie Style+* in LONDON Sim


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