Friday, March 4, 2011---12:29 PM

*+Crie Style+* Group VIP Gift !

I produced gift of group exclusive use newly.
yeah !!
Coooool Sunglasses <3

....well, do you think ? lol

*+Crie Style+* Lick
*+Crie Style+* Lick

Lick is Jazz word.
The word which indicated a solo part the time of the swing.

There is "paw" in both sides of glasses XD

Prim work :*+Crie Style+* Lick
(111 prims)

By touching the Glasses you can change the colors into 4 different colors,
3Bright and Not Bright for 2 parts from Dialog.

Attaches to nose.

I set Gift in Main Store :)
Thank you for supporting *+Crie Style+*,you are wonderful!!
Ladies and gents, I hope you will enjoy this exclusive VIP gift!

*+Crie Style+* Main Store


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