Saturday, August 6, 2011---1:21 AM

*+Crie Style+* New Released Luxury Eyewear again!!

Yeah !!
I made New Luxury Eyewear, This is " w/ Clock Type " XD
That's an existence sense a little different from an item in the past.
Total Prims 359 prims Eyewear lol

Prim work "*+Crie Style+* Sprung "
*+Crie Style+* Sprung
(Total 359 prims)

"Sprung" means "transcendency" or "rapidly" by music Word.

With world time clock which is able to change the time zone in 49 ways to touch the Clock.
(Default is PDT)

Attention : This has to connect left and right Eyewear.

◆A part in 15 minutes and 45 minutes will be a central screw part of the lens opposite exactly straight.
◆There is set to the linear center of the nose.

Attaches to mouth and chin. (The lens in left and right are separate type.)

Plz Check it our them <3
and welcome *+Crie Style+*

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