Saturday, May 23, 2009---4:43 AM

Magic of Oz "the Baum's Birthday Bash"

Magic of Oz "the Baum's Birthday Bash"
May 22nd 2 pm SLT - May 29th.

::RC::  OZ DRESS<Dorothy>
We made ::RC:: OZ DRESS<Dorothy> for the hunt.
The image is Dorothy from "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ".

::RC:: OZ DRESS<Dorothy>02
SingleMalt is wearing =GC-Pastoso= changing the color like the below.
Lens Color : Tsuyukusa(露草)
Rim Color : Konhisui(紺翡翠)
Temple Color : Konhisui(紺翡翠)
Accessory Color : Mashiro(真白)
Jewel Color : Tsuyukusa(露草)

Our store in Magic of Oz is here.
*+Crie Style+* OZ Store


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