Sunday, May 31, 2009---10:11 PM

=GC-Vogue(Mozart) = & =GC-Vogue(Haydn) =

New release from =Guild of Crie Eyewear Store=.
=GC-Vogue(Haydn) = & =GC-Vogue(Mozart) = opera glasses.
=GC-Vogue(Mozart) = poster
=GC-Vogue(Haydn) = poster
"Mozart" is Antique Gold and "Haydn" is Gothy Silver.
Each set contains handheld type and neck strap type(3 sizes).

♦Handheld Type (prim work(149 prims),attaches to right hand)
=GC-Vogue(Mozart)= / Opera Glasses
=GC-Vogue(Haydn)= / Opera Glasses

♦Neck Strap Type (prim work(188 prims),attaches to chest)
=GC-Vogue(Mozart) on Strap=
=GC-Vogue(Haydn) on Strap=

We prepared 2 types of permissions.
•copy=OK /transfer=NO /modify=NO
•copy=NO /transfer=OK /modify=NO
When you want to give this item to somebody as a present, please get the transferable version.
We set demo of these items in our store.
Please visit us and check the new item :)


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