Wednesday, June 3, 2009---12:46 AM

*+Crie Style+* in Tempra Island

We took some SS of =GC-Vogue(Haydn)=and =GC-Vogue(Mozart)= in the sim Tempura Island.

=GC-Vogue(Mozart) on Strap= / Tempura Island
Glasses:=GC-Vogue(Mozart)= neck strap type
Dress: ::RC:: NOEL<ruby>
Location: Tempura Island
Model & Taken by SingleMalt

=GC-Vogue(Haydn) = / Tempura Island
Glasses:=GC-Vogue(Haydn)= handheld type
Dress: ::RC:: NOEL<onyx>
Location: Tempura Island
Model & Taken by Aya

The name of Vogue is known as a magazine name or meaning of fashion.
Please watch Madonna's PV on MTV in 90s.
The image came from that PV which is like classic but modern and cool.
We love that combination.
=GC-Vogue(Haydn)= is Gothy Silver and =GC-Vogue(Mozart)= is Antique Gold.

SS location:Tempura Island


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