Sunday, August 9, 2009---2:34 AM

New Released Sunglasses

It's hot everyday in Japan, and we released the sunglasses for summer!
Sarabande(It., sarabanda) is a musical terminology means solemn dance music in triple metre.
The shape is like the sunglasses for sport.

daddy-o with Sarabande.
New Sunglasses "Sarabande"

These sunglasses are with non-script.
So you can go to the place with these sunglasses where is with a lot of people.

The lenses's light reflection and the pattern are by texture.
There is a logo plate on the side with decorative prims.
GlassesTop - Under Medallion "Sarabande"
Side frame designe "Sarabande"

There is demo in our store so try it on!
New Sunglasses "Sarabande"


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