Tuesday, August 18, 2009---1:25 AM

Our New Store in DC District Style Mall

Yeah!! We made our new store in DC District Style Mall :)
We were looking for a new place for our new store, and we just found it!
We thought this place was pretty cool, and we looked around....
wow a lot of famous stores are there !
Style of edo, azul, ROZOREGALIA..........hm...
Can we be a part of this mall? ...
We looked around and found a rental space so we desieded.

This mall looks like cool beans boutique.
We settled on a boutique with *+Crie Style+* taste for our store :)
*+Crie Style - DC District Style Mall+*08
Inside the store, we made the floor like a silk taste lighting tile.
*+Crie Style - DC District Style Mall+*01
There's a black carpet and a table in the center of our store.
*+Crie Style - DC District Style Mall+*02
There is a freebie glasses (KABUKI {BEKKOU TSUBAKI}) on this table like our main store.
Then.. we wanted GREEN!
So we put prim worked small flower vase :))
*+Crie Style - DC District Style Mall+*04
The ceiling is one texture.
This store's basic tone is black :)
*+Crie Style - DC District Style Mall+*05
There are pretty nice stores there :)
In this store there are photos by YuNEO Nagy(model:yuuu Nagy) and by bark Aabye(model:bark Aabye) :))))
Those are really great shot so u should see it!
Please visit and check them out!
*+Crie Style - DC District Style Mall+*07

Prim work by Grazioso
Texture work by Aya

*+Crie Style - DC District Style Mall


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