Saturday, October 17, 2009---12:04 AM

Fabulous Fashion TV on Web !

Ms.Kay told us that the program which includes our items introduced on Fabulous Fashion TV was on website.
What a cool program! It's like RL TV program :))
We were like "Wow", 'cause there were commercials between the parts.
That's great :)
Fabulous Fashion TV Logo :)

The anterior half of the program is an interview with the owner of Ranena Olivier Couture who is a graphic designer in RL.
Wow. There were cool design clothes :)
The last half of the program is an interview with Ms.Kay :)
She introduces some accessory labels.
lol. Aya & SingleMalt's upclosed faces on the posters are on TV.

We like Ms.ANGIE who is an interviewer on this program.

*+Crie Style+* on Fabulous Fashion TV
(You can watch it with QuickTime player)

Thank you so much, Ms.Kay :)
Her blog is here :)
The Style File - Clarabelle & Kay's SL Look Book


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