Wednesday, October 28, 2009---1:09 AM

New Released ::RC:: eye-EN.

This time we released new EYES from ::le Reve du Crie Fashion::!
::RC:: eye-EN vendor shot
The name is EN which means bond or relationship.
While we are in SL there are a lot of EN(relationships) also.

We wanted to make the strong eyes.
For the glasses, eyes are pretty important, you know.

There are 10 color variations and 2 sizes of pupil.
Each set contains 3 sizes of eyes(S/M/L).

::RC:: eye-EN sizes
This is the photo with ::RC:: eye-EN<emerald>.
Upper row is Small Pupil set contains the eye sizes SML.
Lower row is Large Pupil set contains the eye sizes SML.

It's pretty fun to change the eyes depending on the clothes, hair or situation.

Please visit our main store and check these new eyes!!


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