Tuesday, October 13, 2009---11:51 PM

*+Crie Style+* on Fabulous Fashion TV

On 12nd 6:00pm SLT, our *+Crie Style+* =Guild of Crie= eyewears were introduced by Ms.Kay in the Accessories Introducing part on Fabulous Fashion TV and it successfully ended.

Thank you who come to watch the show and thank you so much, Kay :)
We really appreciate it, Kay :)

We'd never seen TV studio in SL, so we went to see it on a day before the show.
We were pretty surprised that the studio is just like RL one!
Great creation!

In the fashion part on the show, the outfit of famouse brands in SL
are introdued.
Some models were standing on the pose stand which is in midair,
it's such SL like and interesting.

Our item textures(posters) were on the panel on the right side of the studio..
Fabulous Fashion TV in *+Crie Style+*01

There were famous stores' ones there, and we were like .... 'wow..'
We were like a fish out of water? lol
Fabulous Fashion TV in *+Crie Style+*02

This time, we were introdued in Accessory Part, so Ms.Kay introduced our eyewears.
She introduced our works with pretty careful and specifical words for each work.

Introduced our works this time were...

・=GC-Monokel (Dark-Knight clock)=
Aya portrait: =GC-Monokel(Dark-Knight clock)=
This model is a monokel with clock in black.
This is our standard model and the most popular item.
We've gotten a lot of IMs for gift it to somebody and we put it in our gift box:)

This model is Japanese style sunglasses and our first freebie.
We put this item in our main store, so if you are interested come and get it :)
We like this model :)

・*+=GC-Vogue(Mozart)=+* and *+=GC-Vogue(Haydn)=+*
=GC Vogue(Haydn)&(Mozart)=
This is opera glasses which we made as the first anniversary work for our store.
There are 3 types of sets with S,M or L sized necklace type and hand held type.
We have DEMOs for this necklace type sizes, so please try them on :)

・=GC Monokel-Jacks' House=
Yes! It's Halloween season :)
This is Haloween monokel.
We released the dress calld ::RC:: HEXENTANZ(doll) for Haloween, so we are pretty happy if you cordinate with it :)

We don't use sculpted prims for the glasses, so all glasses are made with normal prims.
We're gonna try to find more possibility of the normal prims and to progress :)

Your continued support will be greatly appreciated :)

Ms.Kay, thank you so much!!
Fabulous Fashion TV in *+Crie Style+*


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