Saturday, December 12, 2009---11:35 PM

Tres Beau Fashion Show Report

Tres Beau 5th Anniversary Fashion show Dec.11 @ our Glasses
The participation to Tres Beau "Anniversary" 2009 Fashion Show was done-and-dusted in December,12th.
There were 2 shows in 4am and 9am in Japanese time and they were pretty nice shows!
It's usually thought that it's hard to spot on glasses in the show.
There is no doubt that the skins, accessories and dresses on the models are the most interesting part in the show.
We always think that 'What is to spot in the show?' when we obtained feedback like ' There's no point to participate in the show because they are hard to spot on glasses'.
Tres Beau @ our Glasses
For example, in show business it's like "She's on TV show = popular person" whatever the catalyst the person look bigger and more popular.. We don't have that sense.

The thing we think about the glasses that we made which where seen in our posters and with the models is only one thing....

"You(the glasses) can be you as you are naturally?"

We don't make these glasses to be seen but we make those to be natural as they are as glasses.... that's only thing what we think when we make the glasses.

Gra and Aya's what one aspires for is "How naturally it fits on you".

Sometimes it's ok to be funky but for the models it's important to fit with the skin, shape, dress, accessories, pose, SIM, and the presence of the brand of the show....

We want make the glasses that it doesn't give much stress to the other designers.
We don't wanna make like me me me glasses.
Tres Beau @ our Glasses
There's no meaning for us to make glasses if it doesn't fit on you naturally even if it's strange look monokel or simple glasses.
*+Crie Style+* glasses in Tres Beau "Anniversary" 2009 Fashion Show
We know that the models stand on the stage with a long time to select the outfit, pose,accessories, skin and etc..
We understand that it's so difficult and there's no right answer for them even in RL, so we respect them as the art how they show them all in one moment.
*+Crie Style+* glasses in Tres Beau "Anniversary" 2009 Fashion Show
Also this time, a lot of people enjoy this show and we thank you all.
We had a great important time :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009---11:20 PM

Glasses are New Released!!!!

We hadn't been able to release new glasses for a while..
We wanted to release new one but we were pretty busy to move our main store, to prepare for the event, mall and etc......
Christmas and new year will come soon. OMG.
Of course, we are not ready for

Anyway, we released new glasses finally!

These latest ones are unisex models with simple form.
The name is "etoile".
It came from the word means the top position ballet dancer in the Paris Opera House.

There are 3 types of the model "etoile" with the same shape but with the different characteristics.

This model's name "Fouette" also came from the ballet word.
You can change the 15colors, 3Bright and Not Bright , 3Alpha and Not Alpha for 7 parts from Dialog.
(lense, outside rim, inside rim, bridge, lug, temple and accessories)
It's interesting to customize depending on the fashion.

=GC-etoile(Double antique)=
=GC-etoile(Double antique)=

=GC-etoile(Double monochrome)=
=GC-etoile(Double monochrome)=
=GC-etoile(Double antique)= and =GC-etoile(Double monochrome)=.
These model name "Double" also came from ballet word.
These models are with structure that emphasize the texture designed by Aya(*+Crie Style+* texture creator).

The body is soft black base, and the model "antique"'s inside rim is colored with brass design and the model "monochrome"'s inside rim is colored with the image of silver like gothic type.
On the temple there is decoration like sculptured pattern, it looks good with updo hair style.

These glasses are put together carefully and thought about the shape and balance a lot, because the structure of these are simple.
We think that it's interesting to put on various kinds of scenes and styles for men and women.

These posters for the glasses are made by Aya, of course.
Soon the magazine which *+Crie Style+* is on as a featured topic (there's a photo with =GC-etoile(Fouette)= also), Aya's photo and design have been progressing a lot.

Those glasses demos' are prepared with the items(in the store), so please try to put them on.

And don't forget. Our main store moved.

The new main store is here!
*+Crie Style+* Main Store

Check out our new glasses and enjoy :))