Thursday, September 24, 2009---3:26 AM

::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll)

Today's second new released model is ::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll).
It is also for Halloween :)

The name HEXENTANZ is a music word in German.
It means Witches' Dance.
And the name doll...Yes! wind-up doll type costume!
See the spine, there's an wind-up key :)
::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll)

This pumpkin image is not a usual pumkin like pop or orange orange,
but it is a little bit adult and chic.
So the skirt is lace :)
The skirt front part is shorter than back and side to be able to fit any type of shoes.
With pumps, boots, sandals....anything you want :)
::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll)

It contains sickles(on mouth) with pumpkin, of course.
This is not an weapon. Just an accessory :)

And it also contains wind-up key(on spine), because it is a doll model!
Those are antique style :)
::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll)

*::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll) upper
*::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll) bottoms
*::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll) glove w/painted nails
*::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll) glove w/out painted nails
*::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll) socks
*::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll) skirt (on pelvis)
*::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll) sickle (on mouth)
*::RC:: HEXENTANZ (doll) wind-up key (on spine)

Party time!!!

---3:05 AM

=GC Monokel-Jacks' House=

The renewal version monocle of the last year one.
Jacks' House!!!
See, two jack-o'-lanterns are in the house! lol
Whole monocle style is like this.
=GC Monokel-Jacks' House=01
The smoke coming out of chimney of Jacks' house as accessory.
See the upstairs, one of the Jacks is looking at you :))))
=GC Monokel-Jacks' House=02
On the first floor, there's another Jack to surprise you by opening the door suddenly :))
Under the house, there's a moon hanged by chains.
All of the prims are non-sculpted prims.
=GC Monokel-Jacks' House=03

As you touch the monocle body, you can select the color of the lens and one of the Jack's body is at the door.(6 colors selections)
=GC Monokel-Jacks' House=04

Monday, September 7, 2009---2:35 AM

New Released Formal Wear

From ::le Reve du Crie Fashion:: the first formal wear and the first mens wear are released.
The name is GALLOP from music word.
For gentlemen and for ladies, there are 6 color variations.

For gentlemen are like this.
::RC:: GALLOP for gentlemen

For ladies are like this.
::RC:: GALLOP for ladies

This design is not real formal formal.But it's *+Crie Style+* formal style.
Colors are onyx, saphire, citrine, pearl, amber and our first challenging color obsidian.
The design of the jacket for gentlemen is not symmetry type.
The design of the jacket for ladies is open back style.

Please visit us and check the new item :)