Tuesday, June 16, 2009---2:11 AM

*+Crie Style+* in Milano, Italia. New Open.

*+Crie Style +* Bicchieri e Dress / Milano Italia _11
Our new store in Milano, Italia is opened :)
We decorate our store like this.

*+Crie Style +* Bicchieri e Dress / Milano Italia _00
Before we decorated it is like this.

*+Crie Style +* Bicchieri e Dress / Milano Italia _02
Enter the store, there is our store concept story board and our big model posters.

*+Crie Style +* Bicchieri e Dress / Milano Italia _03
Go ahead to the center of the store, and let's see on the ceiling.
Prim & texture worked big clock is over your head :))
(We are not a clock store, though. lol)

*+Crie Style +* Bicchieri e Dress / Milano Italia _07
*+Crie Style +* Bicchieri e Dress / Milano Italia _04
On the left side there is =Guild of Crie Eyewear Stor= corner, and on the other side is ::le Reve du Crie Fashion:: corner.

*+Crie Style +* Bicchieri e Dress / Milano Italia _06
You can see a pretty big church behind the store and the pond next to our store :)

*+Crie Style +* Bicchieri e Dress / Milano Italia _10
Teleport point is like this↑.
The landmark is the big church & the pond :))

*+Crie Style+* in Milano, Italia

ISN Virtual World(Milano, Italia SIM is carried on by ISN)

Saturday, June 13, 2009---3:38 PM


"GC-KABUKI Series" is Japanese sunglasses type.

Color Name is "MAIKO TSUBAKI"
"MAIKO" means Geisha's probation in Kyoto.
These sunglasses imagined MAIKO's white.
"TSUBAKI" is Camellia.

This is limited model in DREAMS MALL on Quiz Rally.
You can change the 15colors, 3Bright and Not Bright , 3Alpha and Not Alpha for 3 parts from Dialog.

Attaches to Nose.

[DREAMS-MALL Quiz Rally]
13th June (Sat) 0:00 - 28th June (Sun) 24:00 (SLT)

*+Crie Style+* in "CASINO&MALL::DREAMS"

---3:17 AM

::RC:: APERTO 7 colors released

::RC:: APERTO<pearl>
::RC:: APERTO<onyx>
::RC:: APERTO<turquoise>
::RC:: APERTO<emerald>
::RC:: APERTO<conch pearl>
::RC:: APERTO<amethyst>
::RC:: APERTO<amber>
We released new dress from ::le Reve du Crie Fashion::.

Aperto is a music terminology means open, clear and distinct.
Like playing the piano with the right footpedal as piano strings are opened.
I wanted make this dress with the image like light and opened.

The sunglasses can change where to put on (nose or head) by dialogue to touch the item.
You can adjust the position and register it.
After adjust the position and angle of the sunglasses and touch the item.
Select setting on the dialogue then choose 'setting nose' or 'setting head' which you want to register as your position.
When you want to restore setting, select setting and reset on the dialogue to make the sunglasses default position :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009---12:46 AM

*+Crie Style+* in Tempra Island

We took some SS of =GC-Vogue(Haydn)=and =GC-Vogue(Mozart)= in the sim Tempura Island.

=GC-Vogue(Mozart) on Strap= / Tempura Island
Glasses:=GC-Vogue(Mozart)= neck strap type
Dress: ::RC:: NOEL<ruby>
Location: Tempura Island
Model & Taken by SingleMalt

=GC-Vogue(Haydn) = / Tempura Island
Glasses:=GC-Vogue(Haydn)= handheld type
Dress: ::RC:: NOEL<onyx>
Location: Tempura Island
Model & Taken by Aya

The name of Vogue is known as a magazine name or meaning of fashion.
Please watch Madonna's PV on MTV in 90s.
The image came from that PV which is like classic but modern and cool.
We love that combination.
=GC-Vogue(Haydn)= is Gothy Silver and =GC-Vogue(Mozart)= is Antique Gold.

SS location:Tempura Island