Tuesday, August 25, 2009---2:16 AM

*+Crie Style+* New Main Store is Opened!!

Our new main store is opened!!
Yeah!!! ..sorry I said yeah again ;)
We decided to move our main store to the SIM "CHIGASAKI".
The front face of our new main store is like this.
*+Crie Style+* Main Store
*+Crie Style+* New Main Store
There's a steps to enter the store :)
Or just fly in!!
*+Crie Style+* New Main Store
Entrance is like this.
*+Crie Style+* New Main Store
After enter the entrance, go ahead.........
Please STOP and LOOK UP!!
*+Crie Style+* New Main Store
There's the night sky up there :)
And the clock is bigger than the last one :)))
Our clock is always tick-tacking.
But please don't forget that we are not clock shop! lol
There are stairs on the left side and the right side.
To move down the left side steps, it's =Guild of Crie Eyewear Store= side.
*+Crie Style+* New Main Store
To move down the right side steps, it's ::le Reve du Crie Fashion= side.
*+Crie Style+* New Main Store
On the center of the first floor, there's -Bar Selini de Crie-.
*+Crie Style+* New Main Store
Just relax with music after shopping :)

Oops! I almost forgot about it!
We have =GC-KABUKI {BEKKOU TSUBAKI}= (glasses) which is freebie in our new main store, too.
Don't forget to get them :)

We'll be pretty happy if you visit our brand-new main store :)
There's SLurl to our main store on the right side of our blog!

Saturday, August 22, 2009---2:10 AM

Our new store in Fashion Village Narkissos,Styles of edo

Yeah thing happened again !!!
We made one more our new store in Fashion Village Narkissos,Styles of edo,Shopping mall.
Can you believe it?!
Actually we couldn't believe it! lol
Our new store is like this :)
I made new textures for this store.
There's a texture which gives you a little chuckle. Maybe :)
*+Crie Style+* in Fashion Village Narkissos,Styles of edo,Shopping mall
Wherever we have our store, our taste and our rhythm don't change.
=Guild of Crie Eyewear Store= side is like this.
=Guild of Crie= side
::le Reve du Crie Fashion:: side is like this.
::le Reve du Crie:: side
I believe that you know this huge beautiful store!
Yes! This is the Styles of edo,Main shop in Tyche.
Styles of edo,Main shop
In the main store there's a board with a lot of cool stores.
Store Board
Our store is on the board, too!
*+Crie Style+* Selected Edition
These posters are vendors.
Our item is *+Crie Style+* Selected Edition.
The set contains =GC Vogue(Mozart)= and ::RC::ADONIS<citrine>.

Even if Mr.edo saw this entry, please do not drive us from there :') lol

*+Crie Style+* in Fashion Village Narkissos,Styles of edo,Shopping mall

Styles of edo,Main shop

Tuesday, August 18, 2009---1:25 AM

Our New Store in DC District Style Mall

Yeah!! We made our new store in DC District Style Mall :)
We were looking for a new place for our new store, and we just found it!
We thought this place was pretty cool, and we looked around....
wow a lot of famous stores are there !
Style of edo, azul, ROZOREGALIA..........hm...
Can we be a part of this mall? ...
We looked around and found a rental space so we desieded.

This mall looks like cool beans boutique.
We settled on a boutique with *+Crie Style+* taste for our store :)
*+Crie Style - DC District Style Mall+*08
Inside the store, we made the floor like a silk taste lighting tile.
*+Crie Style - DC District Style Mall+*01
There's a black carpet and a table in the center of our store.
*+Crie Style - DC District Style Mall+*02
There is a freebie glasses (KABUKI {BEKKOU TSUBAKI}) on this table like our main store.
Then.. we wanted GREEN!
So we put prim worked small flower vase :))
*+Crie Style - DC District Style Mall+*04
The ceiling is one texture.
This store's basic tone is black :)
*+Crie Style - DC District Style Mall+*05
There are pretty nice stores there :)
In this store there are photos by YuNEO Nagy(model:yuuu Nagy) and by bark Aabye(model:bark Aabye) :))))
Those are really great shot so u should see it!
Please visit and check them out!
*+Crie Style - DC District Style Mall+*07

Prim work by Grazioso
Texture work by Aya

*+Crie Style - DC District Style Mall

Monday, August 10, 2009---2:30 AM


*+Crie Style Group+*
We put a free gift item in our main store.
The item is the glasses named =GC-KABUKI {BEKKOU TSUBAKI}= .

Please visit us and get the gift :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009---3:48 AM

New Released Casual Wear

It's really hot everyday in Japan and we released new casual wear from ::le Reve du Crie:: casual line.
::RC:: ADONIS 9 colors released.
It's pretty simple set with jacket, undershirt and pants.
The set contains 2 types of pants(long and short).

With short type pants and undershirt is like this.

If you are a bunny it'll be like this.
::RC:: ADONIS with bunny

We have only tops or only bottoms in our main store.
Please visit us and check them out!

---2:34 AM

New Released Sunglasses

It's hot everyday in Japan, and we released the sunglasses for summer!
Sarabande(It., sarabanda) is a musical terminology means solemn dance music in triple metre.
The shape is like the sunglasses for sport.

daddy-o with Sarabande.
New Sunglasses "Sarabande"

These sunglasses are with non-script.
So you can go to the place with these sunglasses where is with a lot of people.

The lenses's light reflection and the pattern are by texture.
There is a logo plate on the side with decorative prims.
GlassesTop - Under Medallion "Sarabande"
Side frame designe "Sarabande"

There is demo in our store so try it on!
New Sunglasses "Sarabande"