Monday, January 10, 2011---6:51 AM

Rebuilt for Main Store 2011

A Happy New Year !!
We could meet a new year.
We thank everybody X)

Just some days ago..
We'd started rebuilding our main store.
*+Crie Style+* Main Store 2011 Jan.

That's the setting for which our item is easier to understand.
And the floor where I relax has been also completed.
I think..... I Rebuilt for it ? lol

*+Crie Style+* Main Store 2011 Jan.
A big clock is set in entrance of the store.

*+Crie Style+* Main Store 2011 Jan.
Bar Floor <3

Please visit us and check out our new store :))
Thank you

*+Crie Style Group Information+*

[HQ] Hight Quality - Prim Items
Sun Glasses Monocles Opera Glasses Eyes
[HQ] Hight Quality Texture - outfits
Ladies casual line formal wear Dress
Gentlemen formal wear