Saturday, June 13, 2009---3:17 AM

::RC:: APERTO 7 colors released

::RC:: APERTO<pearl>
::RC:: APERTO<onyx>
::RC:: APERTO<turquoise>
::RC:: APERTO<emerald>
::RC:: APERTO<conch pearl>
::RC:: APERTO<amethyst>
::RC:: APERTO<amber>
We released new dress from ::le Reve du Crie Fashion::.

Aperto is a music terminology means open, clear and distinct.
Like playing the piano with the right footpedal as piano strings are opened.
I wanted make this dress with the image like light and opened.

The sunglasses can change where to put on (nose or head) by dialogue to touch the item.
You can adjust the position and register it.
After adjust the position and angle of the sunglasses and touch the item.
Select setting on the dialogue then choose 'setting nose' or 'setting head' which you want to register as your position.
When you want to restore setting, select setting and reset on the dialogue to make the sunglasses default position :)


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