Thursday, September 24, 2009---3:05 AM

=GC Monokel-Jacks' House=

The renewal version monocle of the last year one.
Jacks' House!!!
See, two jack-o'-lanterns are in the house! lol
Whole monocle style is like this.
=GC Monokel-Jacks' House=01
The smoke coming out of chimney of Jacks' house as accessory.
See the upstairs, one of the Jacks is looking at you :))))
=GC Monokel-Jacks' House=02
On the first floor, there's another Jack to surprise you by opening the door suddenly :))
Under the house, there's a moon hanged by chains.
All of the prims are non-sculpted prims.
=GC Monokel-Jacks' House=03

As you touch the monocle body, you can select the color of the lens and one of the Jack's body is at the door.(6 colors selections)
=GC Monokel-Jacks' House=04


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