Thursday, November 26, 2009---12:22 AM

Moved our Main Store and Rebuilt

Just some days ago..

We've heard that the CHIGASAKI SIM where our main store was was gonna close.
Our friend helped us for looking for the new place for our main store.
We'd started rebuilding our main store (in sand box) for the closing fair in next year.
We decided to put our rebuilding main store in the new place, though the degree of completion is about 65%.
'Cause main part and the place where we put the items are almost finished.

From the entrance of the store you can see the big clock.
This clock is the third one since we've put the clock in our store, this time it's not an wall clock but it's in the middle of the store.
Our new main store

There's a counter in the store. On the wall on the counter side there are some boards for our main store LM or joining *+Crie Style+* group.
On the counter there are free sunglasses and free mini x'mas tree.
So please visit us and get them :)
Counter in the new main store

Our store started from a small bar.
The bar is also in our new store.
It's smaller than the last one which was in CHIGASAKI, but it's more like our first one.
Please relax :)
Bar in the new main store

There are some corners(parts) in our new store.
This photo is the corner of the eyes.

Please visit us and check out our new store :))
We'll keep remaking little by little.


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