Tuesday, November 22, 2011---5:45 AM

*+Crie Style+* New Released Luxury Eyewear !!

Its New released on Luxury Eyewear Series
That is New Monocle with Clock Type.
*+Crie Style+* Soave
Soave is Dressy Monocle.

*+Crie Style+* Soave - Black
*+Crie Style+* Soave - black

*+Crie Style+* Soave - Snow
*+Crie Style+* Soave - snow

*+Crie Style+* Soave - Amber
*+Crie Style+* Soave - amber

*+Crie Style+* Luxury Eyewear Series

Prim work :*+Crie Style+* Soave
Color : 3 colors each

( 129 prims )

With world time clock which is able to change the time zone in 49 ways to touch the Clock.
(Default is PDT)

Attaches to chin.

Model Skin by -Glam Affair - Gio Series

Plz check this DEMO on my store.
Thank you.

*+Crie Style+*- Main Store

*+Crie Style+*- Offical Web


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