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= Phase 02 = New Eyewear , Monocle snd Glasses !

*+Crie Style+* / Luxury Eyewear - Fashion Main Store
6th Anniversary on June 1

= Phase 02 =

New Eyewear , Monocle snd Glasses !
out on Soon !!

6th Anniversary June.1

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crie%20Style/122/128/28

No.1 : *+Crie Style+* Sehr (Monocle Type)

No.2 : *+Crie Style+* Cantabile / 6 anniversary Edition (Glasses Type)

Photo by Asia Rae ( Asia Photo Studio - Crie Style Photographer )

*+Crie Style+*- Main Store

*+Crie Style+*- Offical Web


* + Crie Style + * Luxury Eyewear is providing you an attractive make-up more

effect for lovely your a formal style.

* + Crie Style + * most of the structure of our product is made ​​by Regular Prims.

We are challenging fascination and possibilities by Regular Prims.

Of course, we believe that our Eyewears support your casual style more enhanced attractive appearance for you.

 We also give you the Monokle Series. Monokle was pretty popular type in Europe high society in the middle of the 19th-century.

We'll keep trying to give you the Eyewears which you can use in various kinds of aspects.

Thank you.



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